Yakimon is the name of a line of ceramic art figures  by Miles Nielsen that are highly influenced by old Japanese vinyl toys.  Each Yakimon character fits into an imagined world as if it was in a Tokusatsu live action tv show. Yaki in Japanese has a few meanings, bbq'd food and fired ceramic. Mon is a shortened form on Monster. So Yakimon's meaning is Fired Monster. 

Each character is designed, sculpted, molded, cast, assembled, cleaned, hand painted and glazed by Miles. Some characters, like Mutton Chomper, consist of upwards to 12 separate multi piece molds.

Miles Nielsen is also known for his continued work at Munktiki-Astoria.com. He has been making high end collectable mugs since 2000. He's had numerous solo and group shows all over the globe with both Munktiki and Yakimon. In 2008 he did a 3 month art residency at Togei no Mori in Shigaraki, Japan.


Miles Nielsen